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Winter-to-Spring in Redondo Beach

Returning to greater Los Angeles after most of three months in France wasn’t easy-peasy for me. It was a winter of much rain – very, very unusual for SoCal, more car time that I care for, and ... just not having things French at my fingertips.

I told someone, in all of my mild drama, that I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I feel stuck now in this LA story. I want to be in that France story. The in-between was very uncomfortable for a while.

Finally reminding myself that I live in Unicornland, wherever I am, I put on my deep pink rose-colored glasses, and found a peaceful bridge between my two lives.

My little yellow rose in the foto – a plant that honors my grandmother Julia and is the Julia Child rose – was the very first to bloom in the garden, even before spring arrived. Her grace reminded me of how very loved I am, and – from A Course in Miracles - a happy outcome to all things is sure.

The stories in this next series take me from short fuse to happy girl, once again.

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