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Enchantée, so nice to meet you...

My penchant for parallel lives accurately describes how I operate in the world. I take sweet pride in my self-imposed roles as Author, Kitchen Mystic, Medicine Woman, Holistic Life Coach, Traveller, and World-Class Auntie.


Most of my adult life was spent - so very joyfully - doing one of everything under the umbrella of a Chef. My best training came from my mama’s kitchen. I’ve travelled well, especially internationally, which has only intensified my passion for food. Eventually, I partnered with my sister Lisa to own the first and premiere food tours company in our City of Angels, called Melting Pot Tours.


More recently I’ve spun my experience into Medicine Woman, and by now I call myself a Kitchen Mystic.  Cooking with love, even when preparing plant medicine, equals a very special alchemy that heals and nourishes beyond measure. This is one of my favorite themes to write about.


My writing embraces all of the above, and then some. My new book, The Bump Clause: Destined Collisions and Other Love Stories, is available 2023. On its heels will be my gorgeous, incredibly delicious cookbook ... please stay tuned, there is good news about my books coming very soon.


When I’m Holistic Life Coaching, my clients ideally come away feeling their most alive. Feeling alive leads to more joy, which makes Life more beautiful, which inevitably makes Love flow more freely in our world.

As for my role as World-Class Auntie ... well, my stories will explain all of that.


And lots of other things.

Ageless in Choc Paris.HEIC
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