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Romancing Summer 2023

Waouh (French for Wow), I’m back in France!

I had to call this series something romantic, just because I still feel like I’m in love, again ... things are new, everything is exciting, I wake up each morning wondering what’s going to happen today, go to sleep each night in awe of the day I’ve just spent and who I’ve met, what I ate, what new cheeses I’ve discovered ...

It’s a wonderful state of being, and one I positively love. Life so deserves to be romanced this way, and Her stories so deserve to be shared.

On this voyage, I’m in Paris, La Rochelle, Les Sables-d’Olonne, London, and Bayeux, Normandie ... that I know of ;). I’ll be spending time again with Lydie in Paris, and my precious little Renata and our family near the French shoreline, for much of the summer.

Merci beaucoup for traveling with me, I promise to make our journey together a memorable one!

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