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Missing My New Homeland

Well, I wish I could say that after my first, fairly good night’s sleep since Friday night, I feel entirely different than the Short Fuse Girl I was yesterday.

It’s very interesting to notice how I have forgotten how I did things before I left. I didn’t remember where the coffee was when I went to make coffee for Antoine this morning. I just went out to do laundry and had entirely forgotten that I must bring all my quarters. I’m glad I remembered how to drive because I really do love and appreciate that my car is running perfectly, after all this time.

Antoine teased that it’s no wonder, you were in France for 25 years! He thinks it means I’m more French, more European now, that I’m not so much the girl I was before I left. I’ll buy that.

I wrote to Debby yesterday and said I was not nearly as enamored with Life at the moment, as I was in France. We agree that I’ll feel more like myself – even if myself is that different girl I became while in France – and all will be more well. I’m even going to go to The Little French Bakery in the village tomorrow morning to get us some quality baguette and croissants. We all deserve that and I am missing it very much.

I did my first major grocery shop today. I do love Lazy Acres and the team that works there, they are every bit as kind and sweet as people were in France. I probably overbought and, once Antoine and Nani leave, I’ll pretty much be eating at home most if not all of the time. I do look forward to enjoying my own really good food again.

Other than my neighbors hogging the laundry room longer than they really need to, which is something that I don’t love actually remembering … that is about all the ranting I have for the moment. Debby’s newsletter – which is so lovely to have received today – said that we can rant in writing if we needed to. In fact, she sincerely recommends that we do just that.

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