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Idyllic Contentment

For the third time in one calendar year, it has been my privilege to spend time here in Bayeux (Normandie), France.


This tiny, medieval city is many hours away from my precious Renata, and I don’t get to be with her while I’m here. Yet the beauty and grace that equals Bayeux, is like a sweet salve for my heart that misses her so much.


The other day I heard myself say that there is a certain, idyllic contentment here for me, that defies explanation. It is a deep feeling for which everything in this following story has a role.


Much of this has to do with my apartment here, my sacred sanctuary. It is filled with simple beauty and comfort, and I love calling it home. Picture windows in my living room are in front of me as I write for hours. I’ve danced on air for weeks now, cooking in my sweet, small kitchen. I’ve even entertained local friends for brunch and dinner, and I adore that French people love my food.

My newest dear friends are my landlords-of-sorts, Milene and her wonderful husband Etienne (foto left). They are also my extremely kind and patient French speaking coaches, so I’m so happy that our lessons make us all laugh so much. They love Chez Diana for Sunday brunch!


Stephane and Vinz (foto below, right) are My Bayeux Guys ;). They who own the exquisite La Vasilliere  - our city’s Art for the Table and Home boutique – down the street, so I drop by to see them almost every day for warm hugs and kind words. They were my most-welcomed dinner guests my last weekend here, and we shared such a fantastic evening together!

In general, I have cherished my time in Bayeux for so many simple reasons.


Buying local, extraordinary groceries several times a week – my fridge is small – keeps me accountable for the market-fresh treasures I buy and have to cook. Merchants are so very kind and patient with my French; my foodspeak is pretty good!


Cafés are splendidly charming for my morning coffee/croissant/journaling practice, and restaurants have extremely-well-priced, extraordinary meals. I shop so happily at tiny boutiques for French styles; I have so loved shopping for new clothes. The lovely Amelie owns LCDC (foto, below, left) and she put magenta clothes in the window after I let her know that I was in town!


By now I have my own hair stylist, Nicolas, and their tiny doggie always sits on my lap each appointment. I love that eye care is both routine and trendy in France, so since last year I’ve had my own (very handsome) doctor for excellent eye care.


As a final note, there is just a state of beauty here that I adore. The weather gods have been extremely kind this winter, and this city shines and sparkles in the sunshine. The Aure river graces the town, and it reminds me of how joyfully Life can flow. Bayeux’s own ancient, stunning Notre Dame Cathedral is a short distance away, and I smile each time I hear her hourly chimes.


There is also an extremely special garden that is my almost-daily “nature sit spot”. My next story will be about that.


Perhaps this is, in fact, how I do articulate that delicate rhythm that makes up my days?? As I publish this post, I part Bayeux in two days. My sincere prayer is that I can carry forward as much of this bliss as possible, somehow, some way. And, that I may return to this sweet city as soon as possible.


Wouldn’t that just be so nice.



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