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7 Signs of Agelessness

Updated: Apr 5


Sarah Millican is one of my favorite British comedians. I recently found a new short video of hers titled, The Seven Signs of Ageing. She states that the 7 Signs of Ageing  claimed by skin care companies (which claims I also abhor), are not her Seven Signs of Ageing. She carries on to hilariously share her own list.

While Sarah is younger than me, I laughed hysterically yet I didn’t buy into her signs either. I do love her for inspiring my own list, however, because here’s what I think.


We need to see this differently. A shift in perception is the stuff that Miracles are made of. It’s time to view lots of birthday candles as a very good thing!


What some of us – including this girl – would absolutely prefer, is a 7 Signs of Agelessness list! It would so much more fun. Why isn’t there one of those?


There is now ;).


Imagine a list of things that aren’t physical, to describe one’s advanced chronological years on Planet Earth! Chronological age – aging – getting old – are all not, ever, riveting topics for me, by the way.


This brand-new, hot-off-the-press list is for those of us who prefer to not consult the so-called experts for signs, symptoms, and expectations of inevitable maladies as we so-call age. My other favorite British comedian, Miranda Hart, would call that so-called expertise absolute rubbish, and I would absolutely agree with her.


I offer these signs and wonders, to those who consider Agelessness a very beautiful thing. Why not buy into this list? To begin, it’s so much more fun!


Di’s 7 Signs of Agelessness


1.    Your capacity to Love and feel loved is at an all-time high, because Gratitude is your best friend.


2.    You feel so much wiser now, that you’re entirely ready to step into the Elders’ role of Wisdom Keeper.


3.    Your senses of clarity and discernment are sharper than ever before; this being a direct side-effect of Wisdom.


4.    Your increased spiritual awareness is keen, and spot-on.


5.    You’re always finding new ways to be kind and generous, and to receive graciously.


6.    You get better at being curious, rather than judgmental.


7.    You know who is asked to be the Light in the room, and you joyfully answer that divine call, anywhere and everywhere you go.


And do you know, that as a result of these 7 points, your truest, most authentic beauty radiates from the inside out. No anti-aging product could ever, possibly compete with this kind of Grace.

So, you so-called experts. There's that.


As for you there, reading this ... Go forth, and choose to be that beautiful.


Agelessness is gorgeous on you.


PS ~ if there was a point 8 on the list, it might be, Chocolate loves being your 2nd Best Friend. The lead foto is ageless moi in Paris, in front of a favorite Chocolatier.


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