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Snow Pansy

This post is really just one of my winter love letters. Since this is the second year I’ve spent January-February in Bayeux (Normandie), that’s happily become an annual thing by now. In this story I extol the virtues of appreciating even the tiniest joys in life, which is very much the way I love to live. And for me, it’s so very easy to do that in a beautiful setting like this city.


Little Snow Pansy in the foto was a tiny wonder that I found, while out on my first day here. It had snowed the day before I arrived.

Once I got settled in my apartment (this is my third stay at the same place), I took a walk to see what might surprise me this time. I discovered these small street gardens of sorts, in square planters that were so sweet. Their little plants had now peered above the snow, appearing to welcome the sun’s rays, now shining through the clouds.


Little Snow Pansy naturally caught my eye, beaming the most joyfully of any flower or green in any planter. I snapped her picture, in response to her exuberant plea (I’m known to converse with plants and trees, as you know) that cried,

Oh come on! Look at me! Take my foto, I’m sooo cute!


I couldn’t resist.


Later on, I got to thinking about how there is much talk in my circles about the power of gratitude, and I love that. What I added to a conversation recently – just after I met little Snow Pansy – was how important I think it is, to notice and be grateful for even the smallest of things on our daily rounds.




Because to me, this feels like being consciously aware of how loved we are, at any moment. I think Spirit – whatever Divine Source you prefer – winks at us when we’re shown something so small, so delicate, so precious ... wanting to remind that we are loved all day, every day. Rumor has it ;) that the more we are grateful, the more blessings will find us. I love to experience life, just like that.


It is also said that Grace rewards Gratitude. So why was I not surprised when I went out to shop the other day, and found all of the treasures I was looking for, at fabulous sale prices?? Sold to me by the sweetest merchants who very kindly and generously, were willing to both be patient with my French, and practice their own English?


Merci beaucoup! 


How much do I love saying that at every turn, and, it’s one of the French phrases I can pronounce so perfectly!


I invite you to practice gratitude in tiny places, and see what happens! It will surely make your days more loving, and more beautiful.




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