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Slothing and Swooning

Last Friday in our Heroines’ (Lady Writers) Salon, the word sloth was casually uttered.

I like this word, and using it as a verb calls to me right now.


Last weekend was a lot about slothing for me. Weather was dreary and cool. I slept late, watched French films with and without subtitles, made and ate great simple food, rested in my hammock ... all while trusting that inspiration would land, if and when it needed to.


Even though I leave for France in three weeks, I’m giving myself permission to continue this smart practice for the moment. The sky won’t fall, everything important will get done on time and, slothing is fun for me right now.


In the midst of this temporary lifestyle, I have been studying French on a daily basis. I’m in a new French Conversation Club and am committed to at least 3-4 one-hour sessions (séances) each week. This has been a so much fun, with intent to gain confidence with speaking and understanding the language. The jury is still out on that one ;) but I do feel good about showing up and honoring my commitment.


In another online French course I’m taking, monthly themes educate for  expansive vocabulary/pronunciation, and also for the culture and lifestyle of the French. This month’s them is Côte d’Azur (French Riviera), and last month it was Les Chansons Françaises (French songs of the last 100 years+).


In the survey of our instructor’s personal favorite + classic emblematique (iconic) songs, was my introduction to Jean-Jacques Goldman. He was a pop star in the 70s-80s, and when I saw a first video of his, this was my comment to the class (written in my best, sincere French):

I wish I’d been in France at that hour, because I would have fallen madly in love with this guy.


It has been a long time since I’ve crushed on anyone. It’s fun.


That young pop star has matured into a fine, elegant gentleman of the highest order, has made enormous contributions in the music world, and is said to be one of France’s most revered celebrities. I imagine that he is their equivalent of a national treasure. He is now 72 and has finally retired from the music world, but he continued to perform as of 20 years ago or so.


One of my very favorite French songs is Pour que tu m'aimes encore (For You to Love Me Again). I originally heard it beautifully performed by Il Divo. Later I learned that it was originally Celine Dion’s song. And just now I’ve learned that it was written by Jean-Jacques Goldman. I about melt when I watch the two of them perform this song together.


Learning more about this amazing man, swooning over his videos both as a young and older man, entertains me silly right now. I’ve also spent considerable time going down rabbit holes (as our French teacher calls it), to research the extensive list of resources provided in our lessons.

Discovering more and more about French music and the French Riviera even expands my culinary world, so of course now I want to experiment with loads of new recipes ... y’know, later on ...


For now, Slothing and Swooning. It’s a thing. I recommend it.


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