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"Pay Attention to Love, and Write"

It is my pure joy and privilege to be part of a writers’ group of ladies, divined and hosted by my dear friend and mentor Debby Handrich. We meet monthly for The Heroines’ Salon, and these hours are truly a highlight in my life. This last meeting was particularly special, as I’ve just returned from three months in France, and am grateful for all of the inspiration I can get to recalibrate my body, mind, and spirit.


In Friday’s Salon, we chatted up worthiness, as in, it is our divine birthright to be receivers of Love, Joy, Grace, Peace, Blessings, Success, Talent, Creativity ... all of Life's good things. Our group journaling assignment was to write about one gift in particular that is just ours, to have and enjoy. The exact prompt was ~


What is something that is just for me, to have and enjoy?


I absolutely love this kind of thing! My journaling in fact, ran amuck ... I decided that my creativity was my unique gift. This led to my thinking about how I feel my creative impulses, and then I share them – in my writing, my cooking, other personal expressions, even in how I care for my little Renata.


Then I decided that I let myself feel, then I trust my intuition to guide me toward action. I let my intuition guide the words I write, almost as if I’m taking dictation.


In the kitchen, I let my intuition guide the ingredients and methods I choose, and how to season and spice foods just right. This even includes my choosing what to eat at any given time; this is my own personal secret for how to eat healthily and wisely!


Regarding caring for my little Renata, I always seem to know just how to entertain her, what to teach her, how to always have time to play with her and also get everything else done, all around us. Timing is always just right, there’s always a peaceful unfolding of time, we never have to hurry ~ it’s quite amazing, actually!


Our Heroines’ journaling led us into a conversation about writing poetry. One lady was asked if she is up to writing any love notes about her precious doggie? She said no.


I don’t know how to write poetry about her, she confessed. I believe she added a comment, about how she should try.


This was when Debby gently gave her a divine assignment.


You are not assigned to try to write.

You are assigned to pay attention to Love, and write.


For me, this was profound. It resonated deeply, as if a choir of angels had suddenly burst into song! I realized that this is something for which I already have the starter kit. This is what I already do. This is what I will keep doing.


At that moment in our conversation, I actually thought about how many poems I’ve written, about how many people and things I love, including my little Renata, and my parents. I told my fellow poetesses that this is what I do ~ I simply feel how much I love them, and the words begin to flow.


So hmmmmm, this all has me thinking about sharing some of my poetry more often, here with La Vie en Magenta.


Stay with me ....


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