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Meet My Peeps

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Oui, yes. You’re going to need some intel on some of the people in my stories, since I mention them very casually as if you already know them ;).

I’m just going to brief you on these loves of my life, and ask you to kindly trust that you will get to know them better as you keep reading.

Here we go ~

The Dolls. This is the sisterhood of ladies – of whom I am one – that I love beyond measure. The Original Dolls are us birth sisters - myself, my sister Lisa, and my sister Suzy (whom I usually call Suz) - we are in the foto above (Suz, Lisa, me). Our dear friend Karen is also a member, she is K-Doll. My niece, Suzy’s daughter Sally, is Baby Doll. Our sister-in-law, Zoila, is Z-Doll.

Elizabeth is my soul sister, who lives in New York, adores France and things French, and is the mother of Ultan whom I also deeply love. She and I are in touch very frequently, and we go through withdrawal when we’re apart for too long at a time.

Paigey, whom I usually call Twinny because we share 18 October birthdays, became a cherished member of our family when she lovingly cared for Mama through the last years of her life. She and I video each other to keep in touch because we are missing each other all of the time.

Sandrina is one of the dearest angels in my life. One day she is going to pop over to France to be my guest, and I hope it’s sooner than later.

Debby is both my writing coach (so she is lovingly credited for your getting to read these words right now) and my very dear friend. She is based in Seattle and, one day she would love to live on two continents.

Tina is my longest-time friend, since we were 11. We were in 6th grade, both missing a best friend since both our respective best friends had moved. She asked me if I wanted to eat lunch over there, I said yes, and we’ve been having lunch together ever since.

Antoine is surely one of my soulmates. It’s difficult to share our story quickly so just understand that he and his family are some of the people I love most in the world. He is originally from France, lived in LA for years, and now lives in France with his beautiful wife Nani and their daughter Renata – my goddaughter and the truest love of my life.

Pierre and Marinette are Antoine’s parents; Renata’s Mamie and Papie. Charles is Antoine’s brother; he and Julie are parents of Joseph. Elise is sister to Antoine and Charles.

These are the peeps who will appear as characters-of-sorts in the stories coming up. Look for more Meet my Peeps as this blog grows and grows!

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