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Love Letters

Once upon a time, I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with an Australian man.


Andrew and I met not even a week after I’d arrived in Australia. Eleven minutes later (figuratively speaking ;) we professed true love for each other. We spent weeks together basking in what – to both of us - felt like the truest, purest love that was ever experienced on Planet Earth.


Before he visited me six months later, we exchanged the most romantic letters on airmail aerograms and tissue-paper-thin stationery. I was thrilled beyond measure whenever his letters arrived and usually wrote back immediately. We each (hand) wrote in the tiniest print possible, to cram the maximum of news – and expressions of love - into each letter.


Oh la la la la la la, what a gorgeous memory.


Is there ever even a mention of love letters anymore? My love affair with Andrew is now ancient romantic history and, there has been no flurry of love letters since then!


Never mind. I’ve created my own rendition.


To begin, I think that love letters are for everyone, not just romantic lovers! In my experience, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to receive a letter that expressed sincere appreciation, especially if it came as a surprise. Imagine if someone told you how fabulously special you were in their best handwriting? I bet that more of us would love to be reminded of who we really are!


What I love to do, is write by hand (whenever possible – I have in fact done this by voice in a long-distance message) a long list of what I love and appreciate about a friend, family member, close colleague, hair stylist, etc.

I write (as legibly as possible, tricky!) on special paper, enclose it in a pretty envelope, and offer it as a birthday gift, for instance. I’ve been told that it was their favorite gift, sometimes even their favorite gift, ever.


When I wrote our monthly newsletter for Melting Pot Food Tours, people told me that they felt like they’d received an email love letter. The same was true when I was the Spanish Bar Chef, and my restaurant customers received a silly letter each month. These felt like love letters to me, too. I wanted my readers to be touched by my messages, because they were straight from my heart.


Our Tours merchants also told me that even my regular weekly emails to them (to order food for our guests) felt like love letters!  It was always important to me to remind them how cherished they were, so I loved that they got my message ;).


One of my dear friends told me that everyone wears a sign around their neck that says, I want to feel important. In my experience, it always feels good to express appreciation and gratitude for the people in my life. I’m one of those unusual people who still seeks out pretty note cards to send in the US Mail, because my handwriting is pretty good! Some of us just like to be old-fashioned girls.


My sister’s husband had a sealing wax stamp made just for her, so that she can melt sealing wax and add her unique signature to hand-mailed cards. I am so joyfully envious!


Sometimes I wish more things were still done in old-world ways ... there is nothing like a handwritten love letter! Meanwhile, now that I have a new, cherished mailing list and have finally begun a newsletter rhythm, I intend for my subscribers to get a 21st-century-dose of love letter each month.


Everyone deserves to know how loved and appreciated they are, so from my heart, please know how grateful I am to you, for reading all of this.

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