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A Splendid Day at the Opera

 The other week I was having what I call a Melancholy Monday.


On Tuesday morning, I journaled alongside a wonderful coffee and croissant, about one of my favorite books ever, Finding Love Everywhere. I’d re-read half the book on Monday evening, because encore after encore, this book is a gift of Grace. I love the physical book and, if you like listening to books, I adore the audible version as well and highly recommend it.


Said journaling session – alongside the wonderful coffee and croissant – seemed to yield magical results. I simply made a decision to find love everywhere, right where I was and I wrote page after page. It wasn’t that difficult. And it seemed to shift my previous melancholy into a state of simple, peaceful joy. I even told the young lady working at the café about it, and she ordered the book online, at that very moment.


Not only did I feel better, my sister Lisa messaged me and asked if I would like to go to the Opera on Sunday?? She was gifted two tickets, and she really hoped I would say yes.


Mine was quite the resounding yes! I’ve never been to a live Opera, and since La Traviata is set in France, and in Italian, I was almost giddy beyond measure. I’d be delighted to go with Lisa, because she and I really get these things, even if we would have to read the subtitles ;).


On Saturday I shopped a bit at my favorite boutique, having my girls there answer my question, What am I wearing to the Opera? I opted for a very, very pretty macrame piece that went beautifully with a hot pink dress I bought in France last summer. And high heels that I hadn’t worn in years. Finally! An opportunity to dress up like this!


Lisa was equally thrilled to have such an occasion. We felt like belles of the ball on our way to the Music Center in downtown LA.


We arranged our timing to park well and be included for the pre-performance lecture, hosted by James Conlon. Mr Conlon is the Conductor of the LA Opera orchestra, and is an extremely lovely, brilliant, and humble gentleman. He has an amazing international wealth of experience - Italy, France, Germany, and Netherlands. (I learned this by reading about him in the program; he didn’t boast his vast experience!)


Lisa and I both really loved La Traviata!  Everything was so gorgeous and colorful, the actors so passionate, the sets were beautifully simple and elegant, and the music was of course, extraordinary. We actually thought it should have been longer, that the set 3+ hours didn’t last long enough! It really left us wanting more. I think that’s the idea ;) and, a good thing for me, a debutante (beginner) of Opera!


And, admittedly, Mr Conlon’s pre-show offering was an enjoyable as the show itself. I felt blessed to be present for this elegant, comprehensive tutorial about both the origin and story of La Traviata , and also how to understand the structure and rhythm of the actual arias. A lovely young man accompanied his lecture to play excerpts of selected music, and Mr Conlon explained it all so beautifully.


Needless to say, I was and am still smitten! I so very much look forward to my next Opera experience!


This La Traviata date wrapped up with really great sushi at Sugarfish in downtown LA, followed by a little sweet at Bottega Louie. We’d scored excellent parking all day (thank you, Walter, Parking Angel), and even light traffic to and from downtown. On my way to meet Lisa, I bought us each an extraordinary baguette at Tommy&Atticus, my now-favorite bakery in all of LA, so that we could continue our weekend bliss into Monday morning breakfast.


So happy I’ve decided to find love everywhere.

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