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Wise and Beautiful Women

Why was I not surprised that my entire long weekend in Paris – my entrée to a glorious summer in France, and very unplanned by the way - unfolded in ways that were sweeter than I could have ever orchestrated myself??

My new friend Alice has a parallel life in San Francisco. Her soul is from France, and it has been wonderful to get to know her and learn all about her fascinating life, while together here in Paris. Lydie and I have inspired her to consider writing her stories, because the world needs and deserves to hear them.

Terri is another friend of Lydie, who has graduated from our mutual Holistic Life Coach Training with Alan Cohen; she lives in Texas at the moment. She was arriving in Paris on Monday afternoon, and Lydie arranged for all four of us to have dinner together that night, trusting her instincts that this time together would be a like a match made in heaven.

Lydie and I chose our destination – galerna, a Spanish Tapas restaurant on Rue de Cher (I love that street name) - a short walking distance from our apartment.

Once we were all seated, happily enjoying small plates and a fine white wine from Valencia, it was if we had all been friends for a million years – and maybe we have been. Our conversations were sprinkled with soul-deep, spiritual notes, and news of my soon-to-be-published book, The Bump Clause, which explores dating through the lens of pre-incarnation soul contracts.

Our new best friend Terri is very excited to be offering coaching to families at a music festival in Vancouver, Canada this August. She is such a lovely spirit. I especially love that she and her precious granddaughters clearly have soul contracts in place, just as I have with my little goddaughter Renata.

Shared notes about music between us – including Alice’s life experience as a musician and passion for baroque music – inspired me to resume my daily practice of having classical music playing in the room at almost all times. We all agreed that music fills up the soul, mmmmmm.

Terri and Lydie hadn’t caught up for some time, so we all got to hear about – and celebrate – Lydie’s romance with her man Lionel for several years now, and what a divine appointment it is unfolding to be.

So, so much to be happy about! Several hours into our time together, we agreed to order the chocolate dessert with raspberries and banana ice cream, with four spoons. This opened a riveting conversation about both cake (cake is evidence that we live in a kind and benevolent universe, in my opinion) and, chocolate.

It was unanimous. The answer to any problem, issue, something going tilt, confusion, etc ... is chocolate.

Trust us.

Four wise and beautiful women – who were brought together for one divine appointment over tapas in Paris - couldn’t possibly be wrong about that one.

The place where you are right now God circled on a map for you - Hafiz

The answer to any problem really ought to be ... chocolate

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