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What I Did for Halloween

The foto above is what my precious little Renata did for Halloween. This is not an occasion in France, yet she is familiar with the holiday. One of her favorite Madeline cartoons is about Halloween; its nightly viewing was part of our bedtime routine this last summer. Two years ago here with me, she did a little trick-or-treating at a neighborhood event. The foto on the right, below, is her with my neighbor Camilla, the Fairy Princess.

Renata’s artwork in the foto above, came from a surprise that her “mail lady” delivered, from me. Each week I send her a card and stickers through the old-world post office system, and that mail surprises and delights her beyond measure which is of course, the way it ought to be. Her Papi Pierre installed a fine mailbox at their new home, and I personally think that it deserves much love and attention. At these precious hours of her life, she deserves to have the sweet experience of surprises arriving in her family’s mailbox, that are just for her. I grew up with that very special joy, and I want the same for her.

So that was one of the things I did for Halloween, which by the way, is among my least favorite holidays. When it comes to Renata, however, I can truly admit, that sending her a Halloween surprise was more for me than her. I am giddy with joy each time her daddy sends me a video of her so excited for this mail each week. It keeps my heart so joyfully connected to hers.

In other news, on Halloween morning, I read a brilliant essay by Alan Cohen – my dear mentor - in his Deep Breath of Life daybook. He cleverly likens Halloween to an opportunity to look at monsters lurking in our consciousness, address emotional goblins that undermine our relationships, and face grotesque memories that stalk in the night.

With pure intention per his recommendation, I created a ritual that ultimately called forth the energy of love and healing, so that I could be freed of anything that stands between me and my good.

In my journal, I listed everything that is scaring me right now. On Halloween night, I lit candles on my altar, and read my list to all those who love and support me on the other side. I surrendered it all and asked that they take it from here. I felt such a sense of relief.

Afterward, with only the candlelight, I sat out on my deck right outside, in my hammock. The waning full moon kept me company, along with my beloved plants whom I adore for loving me unconditionally. Gratefully, my noisy neighbors finally went missing with their children to trick-or-treat. The quietitude was divine, and my own sense of peace was sublime.

My dear Alan promises that facing demons allows us to see them as illusions; no bogeyman has any power unless it is fed with fear and denial. He gently suggests, Shine the light of truth on your basement, and you will have a whole new room to play in.

Sounds like a room in Unicornland to me.

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