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Short Fuse

The last time I remember using this reference after an extended stay in Europe was when I returned after a glorious month in Spain and Italy, and had to return to my job as the Spanish Bar Chef. It was December, and I remember telling someone it was masochistic to work at a restaurant during the holiday season.

Quite the drama queen.

Not quite her now, yet I do feel the short fuse thing post-travel, and I’m frustrated that I can’t sleep well. I do not love when my sleep and I have a strained relationship, and I pray that this doesn’t last long.

Meanwhile, I just feel like lamenting about what I’m not loving about life in America at the moment.

There was really not a whole lot – if anything at all – that I missed while in France. My hammock. Which is now beyond dirty and I have to deal with that. On another day.

One thing with which I never had that much experience in France, was annoying neighbors. Arriving home early evening after no sleep in over 20 hours, I was reminded right away, and continue to be reminded.

There is also the news bulletin that my rent has been increased and our building owner apparently laid into Antoine this last week about my whereabouts. Somehow this is what is the most irksome, to quote my friend Robert Holden. That’s a word, right?

Antoine tells me that these are all signs that I need to move to France. Je suis d’accord, and I won’t be keeping this apartment once I do move there.

Somehow this all feels very liberating to me.

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