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Seated at the Young Men’s Table

As a Chef, Food Tour Host, and my mama’s daughter ... I have had the privilege over and again to be of service - and to just be kind - to seniors. I love to affectionately address them as Young Lady and Young Man and I have found that the men especially, really love this.

This morning, I treated myself to breakfast at my favorite café’. I’ve decided that it is the only place near me that remotely resembles my experience in France. The coffee and croissants are very good, the owners are angels, the setting is lovely, and the window tables are my favorite.

I’ve spent many hours there to journal and write, and am always made to feel that I’m one of their most cherished guests. I had brought my little goddaughter there when she spent many days with me, and her favorite thing was their big ice cream freezer. Ice cream was all she ever wanted when we visited, even for breakfast.

This morning one of larger window tables was available, and I had intention of spending at least an hour there happily alone, to journal and enjoy my breakfast.

Very soon after I settled in, two elderly gentlemen took their places at the far end of my table with their coffee, followed by two others, then two others, then others. It was only a matter of time before I felt like a very odd guest at the Young Men’s Table. I even motioned for a new joiner when he looked concerned that all the chairs were taken except mine. His friend was seriously concerned that they were disrupting my space. I assured him that they were not.

I eavesdropped happily as their chatter ran the gamut, and I was so pleased that there was only good humor amongst them. Clearly this was their happy space, and I felt quite lucky to be exactly where I was.

When I went to leave, one humorously asked, Was it something we said?

Again, I assured him that it was not, and I thanked them for the joy of being a part of their table. I wished them all a wonderful day, and set out on my way.

My friend Jo at the register told me that they are there every Tuesday, and I got to thinking ... hmmm, as long as I arrive earlier than those young men next week and from now on, I can have the window seat.

Another tiny treasure to add to my collection.

(PS ~ didn’t foto our lively table; foto credit goes to karl chor on Unsplash)

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