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Resuming My Yoga Practice

It was deliberate that I didn’t add Finally to that title. No one really needs to know that it’s been forever ago since I last practiced yoga. And, you know now.

My first yoga practice began in the winter of 1996. I lived in a tiny, tiny apartment with my little doxie. I had just enough room to place a beach towel, which was my first at-home yoga mat.

My very good friend Rosanne was a master Yoga teacher and I went to her class on Tuesday mornings. It was like a fabulous gift to myself. Most Tuesdays she and I went out for breakfast afterward. It was one of the only regular social events of my week. At that hour I was wanting to finish and publish my Angel Food cookbook, which progressed steadily through that summer. I did my best to be as mindful and focused as I could possibly be, and I rarely went out.

A regular yoga practice seemed to really help keep me happy – mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Each weekday I practiced at home. I followed parts of Rosanne’s instruction as best I could. My little doxie slept peacefully for the duration, as I likely had candles lit and soft music playing so that he too, could Zen out.

For years I practiced regularly. Eventually of course I had a real, authentic yoga mat; it’s the one I still use. I’ve also taken a “travel mat” to the beach to practice, and also to the park to be near my precious tree, Arbolita. And, it’s been years and years since I’ve practiced while “traveling”.

It’s been years and years since I’ve practiced at all, and I am trying to be kind to myself about that. One thing that Rosanne had said was that your body will remember how to resume the postures, even if there are long breaks between your practice. Thank gods for that! I have found that to be true this week.

Before I was in France, I had a dream that I took classes at a local studio in Paris. I’m afraid this didn’t happen, although I did think that if I found a class or was invited to a studio next time, I would definitely commit to that practice.

Now here in Redondo Beach since I’ve returned from France, something that seems to work well for me, is to tell myself I have a class at a certain hour. It’s on my daily Inspired Actions list (a kind name for a to-do list, which name I do not like), and I have crossed it off twice in two days so far this week (Monday and Tuesday)! It’s felt great!

The actual practice has felt great as well. I am finding that because I sit for so many hours at a time, writing these days, my lower body gets stiff – which hurts! For a while now it has been clamoring for some mindful movement and, love.

My yoga mat now has a new, residential, prominent place against my living room wall. I’ve cleared a space there – again – for my end-of-routine legs up the wall posture, which is said to be therapeutic on lots of levels, and I love it.

My 4pm yoga class is here to stay. It’s news that I am very happy to report, and my body seems quite happy as well.

(PS ~ don’t have yoga fotos of me but I do love these pink things that kind of look like mine! Foto credit goes to Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash)

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