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Rain in Redondo Beach

It’s a strange phenomena, this. The last time I saw rain in Redondo Beach was on one day last October before I left for my trip to the UK and France. One day. Then it rained a lot in Redondo Beach while I was gone and, it rained a lot when I was in the UK and France.

This is the most rain I’ve seen since here 2020, when we had the pandemic homestay season. While I very much missed my Angel Haven – the Realtor’s office in which I had worked T-W-Th for that last year – I didn’t mind working in my dining room, so much. While it rained, a lot.

Now it is pouring and Antoine, Nani, and I are all comfy and cozy in our own little worlds on our respective MacBooks. Antoine has a brand-new MacBook Air that is less than 24 hours old. I just gave him the gift of my Paramount Plus login and he feels like he has been given a treasure chest of diamonds and rubies. The things I do for Love.

Nani is very entranced with her Korean series and it’s amusing to watch how invested she is in this. We were all having a very lively conversation earlier, all perched on the sofa, while I was trying to journal. Then it got very quiet and everyone was not talking, the two of them wearing headphones. Nice.

The rest of our rainy day wrapped up in an uneventful fashion. I had a hair appointment – which I walked in the windy, pouring rain, to and from, which did not bring out the best in me. My houseguest loves invited me to drive them to T-Mobile to settle up some cell phone business, then to Panda Express. They bought my meal and I was grateful for that.

Even though I’ve been in the car this week way more than I prefer and have eaten way more out-food than I ever do, I am going to miss my loves when they return to France. To our family, and my precious little Renata.

Tomorrow. Without me.

(PS - don't have fotos of Redondo Beach rain; this magenta umbrella credits: Erik Witsoe on Unsplash)

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