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Ooooh …. Micro Greens!

As a Medicine Woman, I wonder if I really want to say out loud that I really don’t know that much about micro greens. Today I had a fabulous experience to learn a little about them.

Feeling guided to go to my favorite local farmers market, I arranged my morning accordingly. I had cappuccino and an apricot croissant at my favorite Venetian café’ on the way. I needed some good quality tomatoes and vegetables for my Family Table tomorrow night, when the menu is a slow-cooked chicken dish with grilled vegetables on the side.

Tonight, it was my intention to make my own Farinata with Greens for dinner, another recipe from my cookbook which – shhhh – is going to be on next week’s Family Table menu. I wanted some fresh, interesting greens for this meal.

A happy young man at a Micro Greens stall was introducing himself to peeps as Jon. I liked the feeling I got from him, and when I was done with my shop list, I stopped by to inquire about his micro greens, hoping he would offer a tutorial. His stall was named Ho.Listic Micro Greens, and the holistic got my attention for certain.

He explained that his last name is Ho, and that is where the name came from. He does not claim to be so holistic, it just felt like a great name for his farm. Right away we began getting acquainted, and he immediately offered samples of his precious tiny greens.

I told him about my Farinata dish, and that I was completing a new cookbook. He was extremely interested and wanted to immediately follow me on social media. This bodes well for that private Instagram page I promised Debby I would look in to creating. Now I know I’ll have at least one follower.

Jon offered me tastes of his tiny arugula, broccoli, red cabbage, and sunflower greens, and I was entirely enamored with every flavor. He packaged about 6 or 8 different greens in my purchase. I laughed to tell him it was pure joy to hand over my cash for such treasures!

When I went to prepare my farinata this evening, there was more than enough tiny greens for this meal’s salad. An avocado is ripening on my counter, so tomorrow’s breakfast will be avocado toast on my own sourdough with the last of some steak in there, a crumbled hard-boiled egg (also in there), plus the last of the micro greens with the yummy dressing that I made tonight.

How happy do I feel just to write this post and recall how wonderful my morning was! It has been months since I went to my own local farmers market and on my rounds, I told everyone I just returned from France and shopped the open markets there.

My friend Chris at one of my favorite stalls was so excited to know that that’s where I had been all this time! He sent me away with three complimentary heirloom tomatoes with my purchase of his fabulous beefsteak tomatoes and zucchini. My favorite apple farmer sold me his last few Fuji apples for my French apple cake that I’ll be making for dessert. I also picked up the hugest bunch of basil ever, to go with the tomatoes that will host my slow-cooked chicken dish.

My Wednesday Family meal is going to be fantastic; I can’t wait to share these incredible foods and their stories.

The micro greens will be gone by then, however, I’m thinkin’ … that next week I might just go get some more, and make them the stars of the show.

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