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Oh my Goddesses ~ I've Published a Book!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Bonjour encore! Let me first say a couple of important things!

One, I have so many more stories to tell that have not yet made it to this blog, about my summer in France. That is because there've been some minor technical debacles and, I was bouncing between France and London lately! Kindly stay tuned, I hope to catch you up with all the goss very soon.

Two, I am now in Bayeux, Normandie, for the last leg of this summer-holiday-of-sorts. This duration is feeling a bit business-y because ... I have a new book out there, hot off the press. I'm very excited and, very grateful that the avalanche of post-publishing downloads (from Spirit and, parties here on earth) have blasted in only now, and not for the entire experience of this summer.

I adore Bayeux, having spent an idyllic month here last winter. At the moment I am writing from my cozy sofa, looking out the window at cloudy cool skies, realizing that this spot is one of my favorite places to be, on the planet. I finished my book in this very setting last February. I wish I was spending another entire month here, in this gorgeous apartment which I consider my Bayeux home.

Now then. About my brand-new book. The Bump Clause: Destined Collisions and Other Love Stories.

It's tricky business, this taking spiritual dictation. The idea to write this book was divinely inspired and whispered to me over 10 years ago, in the middle of the night. Trying to hush the whispers only made them more insistent, with promises of divine assistance. Fine. I completed the book one year later, in which I spilled lots and lots of details - 70 short stories - about my romantic dating life.

There is a twist at the end of each story, called The Bump Clause. This is my guess at what pre-incarnation soul contract those of us in the story (usually one man and myself) had signed up for. I subscribe to a theory that nothing is random. It's already written is one of my favorite themes, and this book is full of that, especially regarding what did I learn, and how did I love. The ultimate recurring theme, is to keep loving, no matter what.

That was 2012, when I finished the book. At that hour I knew nothing about publishing a book, and this one was quite personal. Thinking twice (or 200 times), I decided I didn't want a bunch of strangers (including some strange sorts with whom I was acquainted), to know that much about me. The book's draft went - and spent a long residence - on the shelf.

Coming round to 2020, I was wisely guided by earth angels, to be unapologetic. I created a little program to read the book out loud and I loved the experience. The following year I met my fantastic writing coach Debby Handrich, and she promised that my book needed to be out there in the world.

Winter 2023 turned to spring when I began the publishing process et voila! The Kindle, and paperback version are now available worldwide. Click here to buy the paperback and here to buy the Kindle version.

Very soon there will be a new page on this site with more info and more ordering details; kindly stand by.

By the way, the foto above was only the first rendition of the book cover; the final is fairly close and, better. Feeling a little inept as a newly published author, I admit everything is a little crazy right now, including lots of post-publishing possibilities to entertain while still on holiday.

Thank you for reading all of that. This new harried author is now taking the afternoon off :)))

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