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Love Letter to France – part 1

During my stay in Bayeux, one day I was ever-so-cozy in my warm apartment, and I began to think of all. the ways I really loved France. In my other lives, sometimes my gift to a loved one is to write them a letter with a list of all the ways that I love them. It wasn't France's birthday, or any special occasion of sorts ... it just seemed like a good day to write a love letter. The following is part one of three letters ... I had a lot to say ...

France, ma Cherie ~ here are just some of the ways I love you, not necessarily in this order, j’espere que vous comprendez, I hope you understand. One day I will write this to you in perfect French.

I love that your food is very well-priced.

I love that your organic produce is very well-priced, and so is the fish!

I love that it is customary to say bonjour whenever you enter anywhere.

I love that most of your stores will happily gift wrap your purchases, gratis.

I love that your people are kind and friendly.

I love that your meals out are very well-priced.

I love that your Beurre Bordier is very well-priced.

I love that you have thousands of ingredients that can’t be put in products, especially in food and beauty / hygiene products.

I love that your hair appointments are well-priced and that some of your stylists speak good, kind, friendly English. And make you laugh, plus tell you that they always have so much fun when you’re there.

I love that the quality of your food ingredients is extraordinary.

I love that just about each block in your cities have a boucherie, boulangerie, fromagerie, and chocolatier. And eyeglass store!

I love that your boutiques have such beautiful things and it is so much fun to go shopping!

I love that a lot of your people wear round-framed eyeglasses and, I love that I am one of them.

I love that in Bayeux, when I buy flowers, the kind florist puts a rose on the wrap for me.

I love that your love and beauty seem to find me everywhere.

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