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Love Letter to France – part 2

France, ma Cherie ~ here are some more of the ways I just love you, not necessarily in this order …

I love your Le Marche’ and market days and how kind and sweet the merchants are.

I love hearing your language spoken.

I love how gorgeous you are when the sun shines.

I love what beautiful nature you offer, and its serenity.

I love that sometimes your Chefs come out personally to see if I like or liked my meal; how I liked my dish.

I love that polite is very important here.

J’adore when your children speak French and especially when they greet me with bonjour and bisous.

J’adore the kindness and generosity I’ve met with your locals.

I love that your restaurant persons don’t bring you your check until you ask for it.

I love that Paris is the City of Light.

I love that your men wear pink, with confidence and grace.

I love that your doggies are allowed in cafes and shops, and also get to come to work with their persons, with their own space.

I love that sustainability, conservation, and care for Mother Earth is very important in your culture.

I love that you have Bio hair salons.

I love that I feel very beautiful here!

I love that cheese is a course and a very important part of who you are.

I love that you always have tiny joys ready to surprise me.

I love that here it’s easy for me to have one plan: Plan to be surprised.

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