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Letting Life Love Me

One way I am letting Life love me right now is …. one of my favorite recurring journaling prompts. I’ve even shared it with my new Writers Mastermind group, and I think they like it. I happen to love it.

Today is Saturday, my journaling tonight used that prompt. I filled up two pages with copious notes of how my day went from start, to this moment. Let me promise you, I feel loved beyond measure right now.

Last night I was dozing off around 9pm – not all that unusual for me – so I went to sleep for the night quite early. I slept really soundly and had a dream that Mama was in, which woke me up very happy. And early, so I opted to get up earlier than normal for a Saturday. Quite happily, I was dolled up and left the house before 9am. I love an early start if I’m going out on a Saturday.

Café Bonaparte was more satisfying today than my last visit, which was on one of those short fuse days a couple weeks ago. My apricot croissant and Lavazza coffee, at a table with my journal, under the gorgeous blue sky and sunshine by the sea, in the not-too-peopley patio, was perfect. Two gorgeous little children turned up at different times, and I exchanged secret hellos with them. Duran Duran’s Rio was on the café’s playlist and there was really good parking today too - typical for an early arrival. Life loves me.

My shop at Trader Joe’s – other than feeling idiotic for accidentally dropping a clamshell of raspberries which was cheerfully handled by a team member – was idyllic! Jordan at the register was super kind and was very interested to hear about my time in France … don’t remember how that topic came up. I love to tell TJ’s team members how much I appreciate them.

On to Lazy Acres, I found perfect parking as usual. My shop there was a big one today, and I found every single thing I needed. I needed help to reach a couple of things, and it felt so good to find a kind sir to help me. He was so lovely about it, it also felt so good to receive the help – how fabulous is that?

A handsome young man giving out free bio product samples opened a conversation and I learned he was from New Jersey and loved SoCal. We had such a sweet conversation. My day just kept getting better.

Elizabeth texted with a video of Ultan in the St Pat’s parade, and told me (re: French recipes we’re both swooning over) that she wants to be as inspired as I am. I love that.

Marco’s handmade pasta and Bolognese is my dinner for tomorrow night and as always, it makes my day to go by his shop. I bantered with his other lovely customers, and he complimented me on my new French look – those deep-pink rose-colored glasses I was wearing!

Back home, it took me a while to put away my mother lode of groceries, but not before I exchanged video messages with Twinny which was soooo past due, welcomed, and fun. Groceries all put away, I got out my recipes for baking today.

From my French Family Table cookbook, I made buckwheat chocolate madeleines dough which I’ll start baking off tomorrow. Then a breakfast bread. I also made some macaroni salad for dinner and honey-pecan salad dressing. All of that plus washing dishes, took all afternoon.

Finally, I gave my plants some love, and went out to check my mail for the first time in over a week. Lo and behold, my angels delivered what I’d been praying for. My package mailed from Bayeux over a month ago, has finally arrived and I can pick it up on Monday. It has my gorgeous new tablecloth and napkins, just in time for my Wednesday Family Dinner coming up!

Tonight’s dinner of crumbed chicken, macaroni salad, and bitter greens with honey-pecan dressing, was delicious. I watched a video interview with John Taylor while I ate. Yum all around.

Love me soooo much evidence that Life loves me.

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