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“Honey, I’ll take it from here.”

Yesterday I did not feel well. I think my fabulous Wednesday Family Table knocked a little wind out of me. I spent my Thursday in pajamas, nursing a tiny sore throat, eating what I call (comforting) Angel Food, tucking under cozy blankets, and watching a new sitcom on BBC. It rained off and on.

Having gone to bed early last night and sleeping well, today started early because I felt much better. Then a couple of things went tilt.

Without going into detail, my late morning was trying at best, especially because one phone call presented me with an Oh hello! Surprise! And not in a good way. By 2pm I unloaded my feelings to said caller about this. It felt remarkably cathartic, perhaps because I said a prayer before I unloaded. At the end of the conversation, I felt some relief, and I told this person, it’s OK, we’re good.

As you know, I live in Unicornland, and conflict isn’t a typical thing. It’s not a stretch to admit that I hate conflict. So, were we really good?

I actually did feel much better, and the rest of my entire day was actually better, quite good in fact. I had a great hair appointment, followed by treating myself to a delicious dinner. I came home to a beautifully cleaned home, thanks to my cleaning angel. Before I sat down for my evening journaling, I treated myself to a handful of really yummy jelly beans. Everything has surely turned sweeter.

For times like these, one of my favorite Miracles teachers gently recommends that we bring to mind Jesus, or Mother Mary, or God, or Allah, or Gaia, or Mohammed, or whomever we call our Source or favorite Deity. This gentle suggestion continues by asking us to please imagine that this Deity takes our hands, asks us to please let go of our problem(s), and says, “Honey, I’ll take it from here.”

This proposal of sorts, was one of the journaling prompts I offered my Writers Mastermind for this week’s daily practice. No coincidence there.

So, I asked in my journal tonight, What would it be like for me, if I could truly trust this “I’ll take it from here” promise?

Well. I’m here to tell you that these are some of my responses:

I could breathe easier; I could feel really peaceful.

I would have lots more energy to follow my joy because I wouldn’t be expending energy on being upset about this … and that would be more fun.

My food would digest better. My organs would be happier.

I would strengthen my trust muscles, and that always feels so good.

I would feel soooo much happier in Unicornland.

My fellow Unicorns would celebrate with and for me; this is so much fun!

I would be more magnetic to miracles.

I would look and feel more beautiful.

My channel for creativity would be way more open and receptive.

I would experience more evidence that I live in a kind and benevolent Universe; that there is a Divine Presence that loves me.

Ahhhh …. Seeing Life through deep pink rose-colored-glasses.

Now that. That’s a thing.

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