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Feeling a Little Bit of France in Redondo Beach

So yeah, it’s been a nice week. Today it is pouring rain. I had a very early hair appointment for a blowout and came home, turned on the heater, put my pajamas back on, made some breakfast and coffee, sat down with my journal.

And I wrote, this feels a little bit like France. Today, with the rain outside, the warm room, the pajamas, the coffee, the journal … on the sofa … this feeling was wonderfully familiar. Finally.

Here in Redondo Beach, we have a Little French Bakery. There is a French chef/baker, and I don’t think others French work there, at least not that I’ve noticed. No bedside manner. Prices are of course exorbitant; stuff is just OK.

It’s OK, I get that that’s what we have here, and even though I’ve been there since I’ve been home, it doesn’t remind me of mornings in France. At all. Not. At all.

What occurs to me, is that it’s really not about the setting, is it? It’s about the feeling. This bakery doesn’t lend any feeling and we have nothing else here that even tries. That feeling has to come from within me. It’s not out there.

This morning, my own brioche spread with Italian gianduja and my Lavazza coffee hit the spot and, that probably had more to do with my mindset than anything else. I feel really happy about The Bump Clause about to be published, and other fun things in my life right now. I’ve been sleeping well and dreaming sweetly. I’ve reconnected with some friends; I’ve even made new friends. I’ve been eating lots of my own good food.

Yesterday I returned to the Original Farmers Market for the first time in months. As always, Love rushed up to meet and greet me. I brought home French cheese, French butter, and pan chocolat for breakfast tomorrow.

I know this. This is how I bring sweetness into my life and savor it. Doing things with mindfulness and intention. This is the idyllic feeling I experienced in France for most of three months, and even in the UK before that.

To me, it feels like being in love. Waking up happy and excited. Looking forward to things new and different. Feeling beautiful – especially from the inside out. Going to sleep contentedly every night, grateful for another day, perfect as usual.

And on that love note, this week I also woke up to a surprise WhatsApp message from the handsome Antoine, who was one of my favorite servers – and men - in all of France. We met in Bayeux and he finally sent a note.

Oh. La. La.

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