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Big Fat Greek Love

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Years ago, I was told by a psychic that I had had many past lives by the sea, in Greece. This may have explained why, when I was very young, I felt a strange pull to Greece, especially the Greek Islands – long before Italy, France, and even Spain tugged me their way.

The idea, the pull, the lure of Greece seems to keep perhaps tugging at me again. I’m not entirely sure why, but one reason is certain. My brother John and I talked about going to Greece together, and he left the planet before we could do that.

So until I can arrange a return to this sacred destination, I think Spirit is filling me up with love notes from Greece. This is perfectly OK with me. It’s inspired me to retrieve old fotos that warm my heart. I spent 3 weeks, mostly in the Greek Islands, in 1985. More on the my fotos here, later.

This month I went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, twice in two days. (Please watch the trailer!) I could see it one million more times, I positively loved it. I loved the first two Big Fat Greek Wedding movies, and this latest one was both written and directed by the brilliant Nia Vardalos. She has written each film. The stories are based on her own family, and she stars in each film.

Why was I not surprised when the very first scene made me cry? Her father has died, her mother has dementia. And that is the last spoiler I will offer.

I could wax poetic, however, about how much I adored this story. I’ve written in my journal pages about each of my favorite moments and why I loved them so much. It’s a story about Family, of course. And huge, huge doses of Love. Surprises. Beauty. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Celebration. Outrageous joy. Possibilities. Trust. Hope. Grace. Synchronicities. Even World-Class Aunties. And, Miracles.

So many of my favorite ingredients. So many things that bless my Life on a regular basis. And at the moment, since I can cry at almost anything, so many of the scenes, especially the ones when no words are spoken, had me sobbing.

This is why I continue to journal about those moments. Apparently, I have something to learn. My heart will expand in ways that I trust I’ll understand better, maybe later. After I’ve perhaps watched this film a lot more times ... like today, when I’ll see it for the third time.

In 1985, my lead (top) foto here, was taken in Corfu, which is where the film takes place. This was my big Club Med village family the week I was there, I am on the far left; my shirt says Corfu. My loves were from Holland, Canada, Belgium, Germany, and San Francisco.

This foto on the right is my (1985) Greek Island tour roommates and me (second from right) in our togas, designed from our bed sheets, for a closing party our last night on the islands.

Clearly my soul felt very much at home there :).

And, on the stunning island of Mykonos, I had a couple of exciting brushes with romance, which I write about in my book The Bump Clause.

This December thru February I’ll be residing in France, which is closer to Greece than California. Let’s see what happens.

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