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Bienvenue a’ La Rochelle ~ Welcome to La Rochelle

La Rochelle is about 3 hours from Paris by train, and it feels like a world away.

My first impression of this beautiful harborside city, reminded me of the Greek islands ... where I spent 3 weeks, many moons ago. All along the shore in Greece, there are taverns and cafés that line the sea, and everyone is having fun. It seems like that here.

Steamed mussels appear to be all the rage, which I loved for my first meal upon arriving. I sat facing the harbor, watching pretty people walk by, smiling at how many dachshunds – my favorite dog – strolled by with their people.

Within no time I settled well into my top floor apartment that has no elevator (lift), with 3 spiral staircases that lead to my door. It’s warmer and more humid than I prefer so gratefully, two well-working fans are blaring a lot of the time.

My first full day was Wednesday, which is Market Day and as you know, this is my favorite day in the world. I simply had to walk the main path from the harbor, to find myself near the open flea-market- style setting that is in front of the carousel. Note to self: we must bring Renata to ride the carousel!

This happened by the way, as I followed the shady-lined path of clothes and shoes boutiques, stuff stores, bookstores, Monoprix (has everything, like a Target) and L’Occitaine, where I’ll be shopping soon.

Around the corner and down the way, there is Le Marche La Rochelle. You will be hearing more from

me about this fantastic 7-day-a-week Market. It’s one of my favorite points in town.

Very close to Le Marche is an equally fantastic herbal emporium and café’ named Les Herbes Folles, owned by Bruno and Marguerite, lovely! I trust I’ll be making several trips here, especially because their peppermint body spray (kept in the fridge) is sublime for cooling off on a hot and humid day.

A pillow in my new little home says La Vie Rêvée a’ La Rochelle, which means The Dream Life in La Rochelle.

Let’s see what happens!

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