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9 Fevrier 2023 – Today’s Tiny Little Joy

It’s likely that no one else – that I know of – would do a trip to France the way I’ve done it. Perhaps no one else would spend their time the way I have.

When I was in Paris there were times when my whiny, what-I-call Taco Voice chided me for being a loser, as in You’re in Paris! You should be doing more in Paris! Not all that surprising, same voice has shown up in Bayeux.

I came to France to write. And to see my French family, especially my precious Renata. I have gotten all of that. And, what has made my time here undeniably and unequivocally magnificent, are the tiniest little joys that take me from happy to giddy, and another one happened today.

Yesterday I got tripped up with a little overwhelm at how much I think I have to do before I travel next. I ended up staying in all day – writing most of the time - and today I needed and deserved some outdoor time and fresh air.

To my sit-spot I headed first, and it was an especially calm and peaceful day at the river. My eye was drawn to the the base of my favorite tree with the heart-shaped leaves (foto left; did I mention tiny joys?), and there she was.

A little tiny purple flower, boldly standing her 2 inches tall, seeming to smile at me to say Bonjour! Bienvenue! I’ve been waiting for you!

A few days ago, I had noticed the little sprouts from which she popped, and wondered what they were. Hollie (one of my favorite spiritual teachers) likes to share how tiny flowers make their way to do this, and how brave and strong they are.

This little flower only popped up in the last day or so, she was not there two days ago. She was so sweet I had to take her foto (top foto).

This is what I mean by tiny little joys. To me they are priceless and worth gold.

When I think about how many treasures I’ve carried home like that on so many of the days I’ve been in France … well for one, it hushes any whiny voices who rant that I haven’t been spending my time well.

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