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4 Fevrier 2023 – Le Jour de Marche’ (Market Day)

Something I’ve realized about my time in France – and not surprising at all to me - is that my days and weeks, are centered around food.

That is to say, most of my daily activities must center around when I need to buy food. In both Paris and Bayeux, certain days are outdoor market days – known simply as Le Marche’. Gratefully at this time of year, there is an abundance of products and not as many shoppers as other times of year. I just must arrive and shop by around noon at the latest.

The first part of December, in Paris, I shopped at Le Marche’ Bastille on Thursdays, a short metro trip from my home. Here in Bayeux, Le Marche’ is Wednesdays and Saturdays. On Wednesday it’s more about quality than quantity - of merchants, I fondly have realized. I buy exquisite cheese and gorgeous flowers on Wednesdays.

On Saturdays an entire huge plaza is filled with merchants selling everything from shoes, clothing, jewelry, artisan crafts, to takeaway paella, Vietnamese food, rotisserie chicken and accoutrement, to fresh seafood, meats, produce, handcrafted breads, fresh flowers … and almost everything in between.

Since I am known to behave like a child that has been given a wad of cash and let loose in a candy store, I have to mindfully rein it in when I arrive at a setting like this. I shop only with a specific list, and not only because my fridge is small. I must have in mind what and when I will cook with each item I purchase.

Often items are still around the following week when it comes time for the next Le Marche’, so I do my best not to overbuy. Again.

I dream of living here or somewhere similar … when my fridge will be a little bigger, and I allow myself to meet more merchants, try more offerings, and have this sacred Saturday ritual expand in the best of ways.

(PS ~ forgive me, please; I was so enamoured by le marche', my hands were full, and I didn't snap fotos! This gorgeous one is gratefully sub'd - Photo by catrina farrell on Unsplash )

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