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3 Fevrier 2023 – A Morning of Doggie Love

In Bayeux, dogs are allowed in cafes, and some spend their days in their persons’ stores. They’re made to feel very welcome when they visit cafes, and they are surely made very comfortable in their day quarters as well.

Today I got very lucky because I think I actually communed with at least as many sweet doggies as people.

My hair stylist is Nicolas (right, in foto; Kevin on left), one half of Chez Kevin et Nicolas Salon. The couple own an11-year-old tiny terrier who is mostly blind, and has 3 legs. Little Samuel was there on my first visit, absent on my second, and was there today so I was very excited to see him again.

Seemingly blissfully happy for me to pick him up and cuddle him upon my arrival, tiny Samuel’s bliss came to a screeching halt when his papa Kevin left the store for a few minutes. No cuddling or comforting on my lap could calm his whining and restlessness so he finally left my lap to cry by the door. As soon as his papa walked back in, he wanted back up on my lap where he stayed for the duration of my styling by his other papa. Back to bliss for both of us. And, I left with gorgeous hair, as usual.

The next leg of my Friday morning tour takes me to Au Georges VII, where I usually have café au lait and a croissant. The hospitality is very kind and welcoming, and I love having a regular Friday café to coffee and journal; it’s one of my favorite pastimes in life.

This morning, two fluffy dogs ran up to greet me when I entered, and were all over welcoming me in the way that is apparently uniquely theirs. To their scolding by the apologetic owners – my café hosts – I hushed their embarrassment and leaned down to say bonjour and enjoy their affection and grace. I felt so loved, why would I want that to stop?

Finally, my neighbor – whom I’d seen him out my window with his barky Rottweiler (foto, right) next door to my home, so I'd made our initial introduction weeks ago – came in to Au Georges (it’s his Friday place too). Now his Rottweiler couldn’t have been happier to see me. She offered her usual weekly kiss to my willing cheek.

You see, this doggie and I have a special connection. The first day I walked outside my home and she barked up a storm, she really scared me. After that, I felt guided to send her love and light from my kitchen window that overlooks her front play yard. Since I started that practice, when I walk by her yard now, she still barks and we just have a sweet conversation. When we see each other over coffee, she just loves me up like I’m her best friend.

Ahh, a morning of doggie love. What a beautiful start to an inevitably beautiful weekend.

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