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2 Fevrier 2023 - I Speak Crepes

2 Fevrier (February) is National Crepes Day in France, how fabulous is that! The foto above was a gift from my neighbor, Chef Justine - her Crepes Suzettes, how blessed am I.

Meanwhile, there are those days when I prefer to just go about my business, be home on time for Paris (Lydie) calling at 4pm, etc. While out on my very important afternoon rounds ;), I didn’t really want to be approached by groups of people who may want something from me.

Today, when about six teenage girls approached me, one spoke French and I didn’t understand so I said I speak English, mildly hoping that would deter their need for money, petition signing, whatever.

One then spoke up in English and told me that they’d like to find a good place for crepes, could I help them?

Actually I could. And was so willing to do so after all, I personally walked them ½ mile to the place I loved that I was sure would be open at 3:30pm – when most restaurants in Bayeux are closed.

I learned that they were in Bayeux for a school trip. They would be visiting other French cities on their 10-day journey, and they’d come from Catalonia, Spain. They were perfectly lovely and it was pure joy to walk and speak together and I even got to practice some Spanish.

Lo and behold, the crepes place was closed. In my experience, it’s not unusual in Bayeux to find a store’s door with a sign that says Oh we’re closed today, sorry.

Just then a group of their classmates found us and said they’d learned of another place that may be open! My group headed off with them, yet not before thanking me ever so kindly and sincerely.

I was the grateful one. Today’s ACIM Lesson is There is another way to see the world. How lucky for me that I had this very sweet experience to remind me how very true that is.

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