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13 Fevrier 2023 – La Banque Postal

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The only reason I thought I’d have to visit the French Post Office, would be to buy stamps for mailing postcards.

That – the postcards - didn’t happen. But a visit, actually several, did. And gratefully the La Banque Postal Bayeux is just a short walk from my home.

Mailing packages from the US to France, even with GIFT clearly notified on the customs form for the package, requires a stiff tax charged to the receiver. Antoine has asked me to please mail no more packages to Renata, as gifts or otherwise, from Redondo Beach.

Since Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday and I can celebrate my love for my precious little girl by mailing her a tax-free gift from France, I was all over that one. I had so much fun shopping in a little child’s boutique and chose the perfect sparkly mermaids sticker set. Then I collected tiny heart boxes of Bayeux chocolates for her and her Mamie and Papie, plus Valentine cards for all of them.

My first trip to La Banque Postal was about getting mailer pieces. The puffy envelope mailer – prepaid, brilliant – for those French Valentine gifts was only about 10 euros. The box I opted to get to ship some of my stuff home – also prepaid, brilliant – cost tens of euros and, I didn’t care.

A few days later, I gratefully got the same, kind, English-speaking lady who explained all of the above to me on my first visit, to help me ship both Renata’s gift and my first box to the US, and well. I bought a second ship-to-the-US box – prepaid, smaller, more tens of euros. Again, didn’t care.

Now yikes. This second box. I didn’t pack and seal it perfectly, and there was a gap between sides of the box. I was fearful that I wouldn’t get that same kind lady, I’d get someone who would be neither happy about this, nor kind and helpful.

I was wrong. I’d put out a call to my Divine Love Council. When I arrived for my final visit at La Banque Postal, that kind lady wasn’t there and, another even kinder angel dressed like a lady postal worker, was.

She very kindly asked my permission to open the box so that she could fold the sides in properly, and reseal it tightly. Then she taped the edges so that it was entirely secure. We actually only spoke French - her more than me, of course - and, our entire exchange was perfectly fluent on all levels.

One of our recent ACIM lessons was God goes with me wherever I go. I like to use She for God; She goes with me wherever I go. This last week I found that repeating this mantra for lots of splendid things - including shipping these packages - showed me more than one miracle.

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