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Live Life as if everything is rigged in your favor.

- Rumi

Welcome to my world

People love to tell me that I live in Unicornland, and I take very kindly to that compliment. The world I see is a natural reflection of the way I think and believe, so I’m inclined to think and choose happy as often as I possibly can.


I believe that Life belongs to The Storytellers, so I’ve made this one of my strong suits. I love happy beginnings, middles, and endings.


As a Chef for most of my adult life, sharing delicious stories about food has been – and will always be - a signature. By now, my stories of life passages, travel experiences, on-a-whim poetry, and romantic fiction have been added to my cache of offerings that I wish to share.


In my world, Love and Beauty dwell, amazing food reigns, and tiny treasures are celebrated, to remind us that we live in a kind and benevolent Universe. So that Life may be romanced as She truly deserves to be, the only plans in Life that I make ... are to show up, and be surprised.


Gently be forewarned ~ all of the above will explain a lot of things when you read my words from now on.

Ageless in Choc Paris.HEIC

Meet  Diana Scalia

Author, Kitchen Mystic, Medicine Woman, Holistic Life Coach,  Traveler and World-Class Auntie are titles that begin to describe my parallel lives, all with which I am passionately in love. Each also gives me lots of writing material to work with!


A native and lifelong resident of Los Angeles, I am looking toward living in France, where I’ve spent considerable time lately. I am enamored with the divine invitation to cook and savor extraordinary foods, seek out beautiful settings in which to write, collect people and their stories, and grow up with my French goddaughter.


While much of my time is spent crafting new prose, poetry, and recipes, I am also known to converse with plants and trees, linger in cafes that serve the best coffee and croissants, and swoon over world football and episodes of Ted Lasso.


La Vie en Magenta

My blog was divined when I spent winter 2022-2023 in France, between Paris and Bayeux, Normandie. On my way to France, I spent time in the UK, when I received a message from my angels to look for signs and wonders in "deep pink".  Not surprisingly, everywhere I went, I caught glimpses of fuschia pink and magenta.


An angelic friend lovingly encouraged me to start writing short stories of my sweet adventures in Paris - my new friends, my favorite cafes, what I cooked with local groceries, and tiny treasures that touched my heart. My new lovechild was born, and I named her La Vie en Magenta - Seeing Life thru Deep Pink Rose-Colored Glasses


Stories from 44 Nights in Paris and 33 Nights in Bayeux gave way to tales of Winter-to-Spring in Redondo Beach, followed by summer musings back in France.


I invite you to step into my world through stories that most often, see Life through the Eyes of Love. My heart sincerely hopes that they will delight and inspire you.

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