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17 Fevrier 2023 – My Last Night in France, for Now

Having to leave France. I didn’t want to even think about it and, my last day and night turned out to be quite special and so worthy of storytelling!

Lydie and I started our morning at home, with her coffee and Pilo’s media lunas plus a scone that I had gone out for. Lydie slept in and this little change to my intended morning was perfect. We had more great conversation and I got to my hair appointment with Jimmy in time.

I’d collected Audo’s WhatsApp info at Pilo’s, plus a foto, and gratefully the same with Jimmy. We had our usual fun together and my hair came out particularly gorgeous. I think this was his best blowout ever. He gave me a card for which I only need 4 more appointments (for a total of 10!) to get my 20% discount in the future. OK then!

Qualifying her for sainthood once again, Lydie helped me get me and my luggage to the taxi stand, and spoke with the taxi driver about getting me to my hotel. He was an angel and we even spoke a little French together.

My Marriott Courtyard hotel was apparently brand new, and the front desk angels, Antoine and Katie, took excellent care of me. My room was lovely and I plopped on the bed to rest, tired from schlepping luggage.

At bit later, I threw on clothes and thinking I could have dinner downstairs, I was hopeful. David, the manager, told me in an ultra-kind way that no, no dinner downstairs tonight. He directed me to a rooftop pizza restaurant, a nice walk away, so I headed there.

The pizza was great, the bedside manner not so much. I amused myself imagining stories about who the other customers were, and only stayed about an hour. I returned to tell David merci beaucoup for the recommendation.

Another hour later, I had to call him again for a minor emergency. I had accidentally flooded my bathroom and part of the room, having not minded how the 2/3 shower door had behaved … how flippin’ embarrassing.

David was an angel, arriving immediately with a boatload of towels, and kindly cleaned up the mess - all while speaking perfect English to me and acting as if this was the highlight of his day. Then he went to get me more towels for the morning.

After a great night’s sleep, I had to leave – so regrettably - after a yummy breakfast downstairs. The front desk team, led by Antoine, pleaded with me to return again soon.

Yes and more, please and thank you. Oui et plus, s’il vous plait et merci.

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